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10 Surprising Health Benefits of Pear


10 Surprising Health Benefits of Pear.

Who doesn’t like the fresh, juicy and sweet Pears? Apart from just being tasty, they are a very nutritious and healthy treat for your whole body. Pear, also called as “nashpati” in Hindi, “nashpatti” in Marathi, “perikai” in Tamil, is a sweet and juicy small fruit loaded with numerous benefits for its lovers.

Pears, biological name Pyrus communis belong to Rosaceae plant family are considered to be native to China, Europe, North Africa and parts of Asia. The fruit is the upper end of the flower stalk and is typically narrow at the top and wider at the bottom.


Nutritional values

One medium pear has approximately the following nutrients-

Calories- 101

Fiber- 5grams

Sugar- 17 grams

Vitamin K- 8 mg

Vitamin C- 7mg

Copper- 0.1mg

Potassium- 212mg

Magnesium- 5mg

Folic acid- 5micrograms

It also contains traces of manganese and vitamin B-complex.

Health Benefits

Improve Digestion

Pears being rich in fibers provide about 18% of daily requirement of fibers in a single serving. Thus they help to improve digestion. Most of the fiber in pears is an NSP i.e, a non-soluble polysaccharide. This acts as a bulking agent, the fiber accumulates in the intestines and adds bulk so it is easier for the food to pass through the intestines. It also regulates the bowel movement and reduces the chances of constipation.

Weight loss

Many people on the diet regimen tend to avoid fruits due to their calorie content. But pears have an advantage of being a low-calorie fruit and thus can be generously included in your diet. It is an energy dense and nutrition-rich food with low impact on weight gain and obesity.

Heart health

Pears are rich in fibers which help to lower the cholesterol levels in blood and thus have a positive effect on heart health. They are also a rich source of Potassium which has a vasodilator effect that helps in lowering the blood pressure which again has a significant impact on the heart.

Antioxidant activity

Pears are a wealth of antioxidants. Antioxidants are necessary to fight various diseases in the body. They help to fight free radicals. The free radicals are a part of the disease process in the pathogenesis of diseases like cancers, inflammatory diseases etc, hence the antioxidant components of Vit C, Vit B etc found in pears can serve as a shield to prevent certain diseases.

Speedy Healing

Pears have ample amount of Vit C. Vit C that is Ascorbic acid is an essential element in the synthesis of new tissue and cellular structures at various organ levels. Vit C helps to speed up healing. It is also essential for smooth metabolic activities of the body.

Prevent Cancer

Pears are a good source of antioxidants which have a property to fight against cancer-causing agents. Some studies have shown that pears can help in the prevention of a number of different types of cancers like Breast, Colon, Lung, Prostate etc.

Prevents Birth defects

Pears contain Folic acid which is an essential nutrient needed to be consumed during pregnancy. Folic acid is strongly connected with the prevention of birth defects in a developing fetus like neural tube defects. Thus consuming pears during pregnancy is beneficial for the health of the mother as well as the baby.

Improves Bone Health

Being rich in minerals like Calcium, Manganese, Phosphorus, and magnesium, Pears also help to improve your bone health. These minerals are all necessary to reduce the mineral loss from bones and prevent diseases like osteoporosis.

Immunity booster

Vitamin C and antioxidant-rich pears also play an important role in boosting the immunity. They boost up the immune system by stimulating the production of white blood cells. They also have a protective mechanism against common mild diseases like Cold, Flu etc.

Improve Circulation

Pears are very beneficial for patients suffering from Anemia or other mineral deficiencies. They are a good source of Iron, Calcium, and copper. Copper facilitates the uptake of minerals and Iron is a very essential component of Hemoglobin. Pears thus help to combat fatigue, muscle weakness, organ system malfunctions etc. Also, they contain Potassium which is an essential component of the fluids in the body. Pears thus help to keep the body hydrated and ensured proper blood flow to all the organs.

Above were the health benefits of Pears. They are not only tasty but a healthy foodstuff which has a positive impact on the human body from head to toe. The mineral and fiber content in them makes them an essential add-on in the list of healthy foods. So hit the market and grab the pears as a famous Italian proverb says “ A Pear will never fall into a closed mouth”.

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