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Whats new in the PUBG


What`s new in the PUBG 0.9.0 Erangel Improvements in the new upgrade. - Night Mode now customized to Erangel. The map will trans between day and night randomly in Classic Mode. - Night Vision Goggles. - New buildings in selected areas. - covers next to some rivers. -  trees in some empty areas. A Movie Design style has

Xiaomi Black Shark Helo

Xiaomi Black Shark Helo What to expect from Helo? As confirmed by Xiaomi just to introduced the successor of its Black Shark - the Black Shark its totally like its predecessor, this one sure to impress with super specifications and abundant of features at a reasonable price. The main upgrade between the two generations

Banana for weight loss

Banana for weight loss Doesn’t the above line sound strange??? Of course, it does for we have been hearing it since a long ago that Bananas make you gain weight. But in this article you’ll understand that bananas don’t actually make you fat, in fact, they can help you shed some