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Artificial Intelligence AI Boon or Bane

Artificial Intelligence AI Boon or Bane?
Artificial Intelligence AI Boon or Bane
What is Artificial Intelligence AI Boon or Bane this question always arises in mind but what is AI, Artificial intelligence is a part of computer science that signifies the creation of intelligent machines that work on par like a human? The term “artificial intelligence” dates back to 1956 and belongs researcher John McCarthy, who name the term and defined the AI as a Computer science stream. Basically, The notion of AI is based on building machines of thinking, acting, and learning like we do. Artificial Intelligence AI Boon or Bane

"Artificial Intelligence AI Boon or Bane?

It seems like those who understand the full capability of AI is more concerned about it than those who only know the fundamental. A recent scandal between Google official`s and its employees may serve as a evidence. In 2018 2nd quarter, Employee of Google demanded the company to abandon the work on a “Pentagon Project” as they were afraid of being involved in the business of war unknowingly. The project was known as “Project Maven” which was meant to use AI to make it easier to classify images of common man and objects or things shot by drones, where the decision would be made without humans involvement.

The military said that their real intent is to minimize the current workload and reduce the number of tedious tasks performed by humans—something AI is extremely well-suited for.

Given that humanity end might be on the cards, however, can these tasks even be called tedious? And there’s another crucial question, who will take the blame of, killing innocent people?

It is a widespread notion that one day not only will AI exceed human ability to work but it will also supersede beyond human control. With so many questions arising like “is artificial intelligence safe?” or “is artificial intelligence bad for people?  AI is obviously super exciting but simultaneously warrants a threat to humankind.


Artificial Intelligence AI Boon or Bane?

 For the time being, we should be happy with the technology is advancing and when the proper time comes and AI tries to take over the humankind, We should be (hopefully) be prepared with contingencies to take it down.

Well, the answer to the question AI a boon or bane? could be summaries in simple words that depends on how much freedom of thought or to work it gets to do. As long as it is within the control of humans, it can create a big difference and make life easier hell lot easier. And at the same time replacing the manual work leads to unemployment of humans which is also a major deciding factor. Moreover, AI will be destructive if used by the wrong hands.


Artificial Intelligence AI Boon or Bane?

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