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Banana for weight loss

Banana for weight loss

Doesn’t the above line sound strange??? Of course, it does for we have been hearing it since a long ago that Bananas make you gain weight. But in this article you’ll understand that bananas don’t actually make you fat, in fact, they can help you shed some pounds instead!!!

So the question under consideration here is, do bananas really make you fat? The answer to this is a big flat no. It had been said that consuming bananas can make you gain weight especially in your waist area but it is not at all so. In fact, this fruit is packed with a whole lot of nutrients. So if you are a banana lover and want to continue eating your favorite fruit, this article will help you enjoy your favorite fruit without a guilt trip.





Nutritional facts

A medium sized banana provides approximately-

Calories- 105

Potassium- 12% of RDI

Vitamin B6- 20% of RDI

Vitamin C- 17% of RDI

Copper- 5% of RDI

Magnesium- 8 % of RDI

Manganese- 15% of RDI

Fibre- 3.1gm

The calories in bananas come mostly from carbohydrates, 90% of them being sugars- sucrose, glucose, and fructose.

Bananas are low in fat and protein. Bananas also contain antioxidants and dopamine as well as catechin.

The naturally occurring sugars in banana make it an outstanding snack to be consumed before your workout routine. It will provide you with the energy during your workout as well as day to day activities. The high fiber content in bananas is more favorable for filling you up as compared to the isolated fibers found especially in packed foods like cereals. Apart from sugar and fibers, bananas are a rich source of Potassium. Potassium plays a crucial role not only in maintaining the water balance of the body but also in strengthening muscles, proper functioning of the heart and renal functioning. Bananas are also great for your hair as well as skin and nails due to high vitamin B6 content.

How do Bananas cause weight loss?

Bananas contain resistant starch. Now, what’s that?? Well, resistant starches are those which unlike other starches pass from the intestines without being broken down. It means that the fibers from banana are not digested in the body. They act as soluble fibers in the body and have potential health benefits including weight loss and reduced blood sugar. Resistant starch also can slow down the absorption of sugar from foods. This keeps your blood sugar levels stable and can keep you full for longer. They can also increase fat burning.

Bananas have a low Glycemic Index, 42-62. Glycemic index is a measure of how much raise occurs in your sugar levels after you consume a certain foodstuff. Foods with low glycemic index thus favor weight loss over a period of time.


After reading the above benefits if you are tempted to buy a whole bunch of bananas, then hold your horses. Because we strongly recommend not to over-eat anything as it can definitely add up to the calorie intake. Too much of anything can make you fat and bananas are no exception to it. A banana or a two daily is totally fine but do avoid overeating of bananas.

Final Verdict

Bananas are undoubtedly a very rich and tasty treat for your taste-buds. And apart from being tasty, they are a wholesome snack that can provide you energy as well as nutrition. They come with a boatload of benefits for your heart, kidneys, hair, skin, nails as well as digestion. Being satiety quenching, they are a must-have for people trying to shed some kilos!! Being on a diet plan definitely can’t keep you away from eating bananas as they have the benefit of containing resistant fibers. Thus if you had bypassed bananas from your shopping list till now, you should definitely add it to the list and relish this wholesome and tempting fruit. 1-2 bananas if consumed daily coupled with a consistent workout routine, can definitely help you lose weight. After all, someone has rightly said that ”to eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently, is an art”.


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