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Chia seed – Healthiest food

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Chia Seeds – a Healthy bliss!

Chia Seeds – a Healthy bliss, In today’s busy lifestyle, not everyone finds time to hit the gym and focus on nutritious foods to maintain their health. Chia seeds are actually a bliss for such situations. Chia seeds are edible seeds of flowering plant Salvia hispanica, native to Central America, Mexico etc. Being hydrophilic in nature, they absorb water and form a gel-like coating over them when soaked in water.


Chia Seed _ newzvia_2
Chia Seed _ newzvia_2




One ounce of chia seeds contains——

Protein- 4 grams

Carbohydrates- 11 grams, most of them being fibres

Fats- 9grams, 5 of them being Omega-3 fatty acids

Phosphorus- 27% of RDI

Calcium- 18% of RDI

They also contain good amounts of Zinc,Iron, Vit B1(thiamine), VitB2(riboflavin) and Vit B3(niacin), Phosphorus, Magnesium, Manganese and are a rich source of antioxidants.


Chia Seed _ newzvia
Chia Seed _ newzvia



Due to their tiny size and their relatively neutral taste, chia seeds can be used variedly in salads, shakes, smoothies or any dish you like.



Benefits of Chia seeds—-


  1. Great for Heart

Chia seeds contain high amounts of linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that helps the body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins like ( A,D,E,K). They also have the ability to reverse inflammation, lower blood pressure and regulate cholesterol, thus boosting heart health in turn. Many studies have supported the cardioprotective abilities of chia seeds. Also, these tiny seeds are power packed with Omega-3 fatty acids which have the ability to reverse inflammation and lower cholesterol levels.



  1. Glowing skin

Rich in Antioxidants, chia seeds serve a very healthy treat to your skin as well. The antioxidants help in prevent ageing by suppressing the free radical activity thus leaving you a supple glowing, wrinkle-free skin. Chia seeds have also been reported to help in preventing premature ageing caused by inflammation and free radical damage.


  1. Treating Diabetes

Chia seeds being rich in Alpha-Linoleic acid and fibres, they have been reported to prevent metabolic problems like insulin resistance and dyslipidemia which are the major factors leading to Diabetes. This acts as a major benefit in prevention as well as treatment of Diabetes.




  1. Digestive health

Chia seeds are loaded with fibres and a single serving can provide the recommended fibre intake per day. These fibre rich seeds thus help you improve digestion and bowel regularity. Also, fibres are essential to regulate blood sugar levels. Being hydrophilic, Chia seeds expand quickly thus giving a feeling of fullness resulting in hunger suppression and weight loss.


  1. Strong Bones

As chia seeds contain ample amount of Calcium, it helps in strengthening Bones and helps to maintain bone health. Chia seeds also rich phosphorus, manganese and magnesium which also help to regulate bone health.

  1. Fights Cervical and Breast cancer

Chia seeds are rich in Alpha lipoic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid which has been found to limit the growth of malignant cells in cervical as well as breast cancer.  Studies have shown that it has the property to kill the cancer cells without harming normal cells. Thus chia seeds have the reached the list of cancer-fighting superfoods.


  1. Healthy Brain

As discussed earlier, Chia seeds are full of essential fatty acids. These essential fatty acids help to promote proper levels of neurotransmitters and thus maintain energy supply to brain cells and maintain mental health.



  1. Weight loss and strengthening Muscles

Chia seeds almost rank the list of plant-based sources of proteins and are very helpful for those who burn fat and want lean proteins. Being Hydrophilic in nature they can absorb water 10 times of their own weight and thus keep you full for longer times and suppress cravings and help in weight loss. The seeds contain Zinc which helps the body to increase Leptin, which regulates appetite. So if you’re trying to lose weight, Chia seeds are a must for you.


  1. Oral health

Loaded with calcium, chia seeds are great for your teeth as calcium forms a major element of teeth. Zinc, on the other hand, prevents tartar and also has an antibacterial effect that keeps organisms causing bad breath away.


How to consume Chia seeds

        Chia seeds have a slightly nutty and neutral taste which is a major benefit and helps it to add to a number of food varieties. Be it salads, desserts, cereals, shakes, smoothies or just anything in your daily meals. The seeds can be consumed both ways- raw as well as soaked. Soaked seeds are considered to be more beneficial as compared to raw as it makes the seeds sprout and release the enzyme inhibitors which are there to protect the seeds. Thus soaking makes the seeds more nutritious. Unlike Flax seeds, Chia seeds don’t need to be ground before consumption to access their nutrition which makes it easily consumable.



Chia seeds are a power-punch of fibres, omega-3 fatty, acids, proteins, calcium and numerous other nutrients which are very useful not only for weight loss but also for your Heart, Brain, Bones, Skin, Digestion. They also have a protective role in preventing Heart diseases and diabetes and Cancer. Packed will all these super abilities, the tiny and easily available Chia seeds are definitely a “must-have” in your diet list and prove to be a source of blissful health.


More knowledge and details keep following us.


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