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Download Tales of Wind APK 1.0.3 for Android

Tales of Wind

Download Tales of Wind APK 1.0.3 for Android

Download Tales of wind APK 1.0.3 for Android platform. The Tales of Wind is a free role-playing game in which is developed by Neocraft Limited for android platform. There will be a city in this game which will be blessed with Divine but surrounded by the shadow of some evils. You have to find out the truth of using your power and the light of the city will be again. In addition, this game fascinates with MMORPG action in which you will get special characters and peaceful experience and also you can customize your outfits and can travel with Pets & Mounts. You must have seen many roulette playing games but this game will give you some special experience over the other game. Just as different characters and their achievements Along with that many new things will be seen. However this game soon available for playing, right now you can make a pre-registration from given below link. Pre-registration means once the game will release you can get the notification in your device. So hurry up for the latest adventure game.

Download Tales of Winds APK for Android

Download Tales of Wind 1.0.3 APK for Android

Features of Tales of Wind

In this game, players can get MMORPG action with awesome characters and soothing experience and can customize the outfits and travel with pates and mounts.

The player can use equip card of power to transform and then you can defeat the powerful monster and also can transform into a monster by the use of skills.

Players can make his/her own team with your friends and family to explore a massive world

In this game, the player can get 20 different kinds of game mode like racing, shooting, quiz and many more.

The player can feel romantic things by Encounters your soul mate in the journey, complete the task, Pledge to love in the church with the priest and Manage the lovely farm only for you two.

The player needs to encourage yourself and empower the kingdom and players can fight for the honor of the guild.

The player can get the real-time PVP area and build up own team and fight for victory.

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