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Easiest way to reduce your stress


                                                                                       The Easiest way to reduce to reduce your stress.

Jack Belforte is an ambitious and successful young man. He has everything set- a master’s degree from a prestigious university, a high paying job in an MNC, a good house and a lavish car, nice family and what not. He has ample money to spend as well as good friends and gets along well with everyone. But then what is it that is making him unable to sleep at night? What is it that is making Jack so much anxious? Yes, you got it right. Nothing other than Stress.
All of us are known to some or other such people like Jack or some of us are ourselves the Jack. Is it not a question that in spite of achieving all that we wanted to, why are we so stressed? The answer lies in the approach towards life. In the beginning, one is okay with no level of success. But as one gets to relish the taste of success, one starts running behind it madly and then whatever one has achieved till then seems little because of greed for more and more. This is what creates stress for people like Jack. It is good to be ambitious but one has to learn to respect and value whatever one has. The moment you understand this everything starts to fall in place and life can become stress-free. But until then, here are some tools which if you practice, can work real wonders.

Start gradually by taking 2-3 deep breaths each time as you sit at your work desk. You will find it helpful to get relaxed. After 3 breaths become a habit, gradually increase the time span and number of breaths. Deep breathing helps a person to relax and be able to think upon a problem with a fresh look and come up with new solutions. Deep breathing has been a part of Yoga practice for hundreds of years and breathing exercises have a positive impact on body’s ability to fight with stress.
This may sound like something meant for old school people. But Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Marc Benioff are amongst the people who practice meditation regularly. Start meditating slowly with 1 minute per day and gradually increase the duration. While meditating focus on your mind and energy on each section of your body from head to toe. Meditation has been proven beyond any doubt to have a strong effect on increasing emotional control, brain powers, problem-solving abilities, and memory.
If a person concentrates on listening to other people, the same way a person meditates, the interaction becomes so much gainful. The other person starts feeling as if you are listening almost physically and when they get to know this, it helps to form a bond very quickly and life immediately becomes richer and more meaningful. It is very aptly said that listening is a quintessential positive interpersonal communication behavior.
Now the questioning here doesn’t mean questioning other people. It means questioning yourself about the thoughts that your mind creates. Whenever a question pops up in your mind, ask your mind,” is that thought true?” if you feel certain about it then act accordingly but if you are not certain then thank your mind for it and just let that thought go. It will help you to create an outlet for negative thoughts. It has been found that acknowledging negative thoughts is better than just suppressing them. Instead of trying to ignore the negative thoughts, questioning gives us the liberty to have a “face-to-face” conversation with them and then discredit them if we feel they are untrue.
Develop a habit of living with a purpose. Not literally but try doing everything purposefully like to be doing it and only it. If you decide to watch TV, really watch it, it you decide to have food then have it with full enjoyment. If you give individual attention to every single activity that you do, it helps you to be more involved, you are in the moment and fully living the experience.

These tips will definitely help you to overcome stress. But the key to it is, you have to start small, really small. Whenever you start with a new initiative, you tend to put on all the efforts and energy. But you can’t deal with stress in the same way. Stress can’t be dealt with, in a stressful way. Instead, try doing less than what you feel you can do. If you feel you can meditate for 5 minutes, try doing it for 2 minutes. If you decide to focus on listening to people for a whole day, try it for a meeting. Leave yourself eager to try it again. Focus on building a habit first to develop a sustainable approach and lead a stress-free life. You are not going to master the rest of your life in just minutes,  Master the day, then just keep doing that every day.

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