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Toy Story Drop Latest 1.0.3 APK for Android

Toy Story Drop

Toy Story Drop Latest 1.0.3 APK for Android

Download Toy Story Drop 1.0.3 APK for Android from Provided link. The Toy Story Drop is a free casual game which is developed by Big Fish Games. In this game, you will find Help Doodie, Buzz and favorite characters from Disney Pixar’s Toy Story combine hundreds of exciting puzzles and overcome life’s obstacles.

Play with old and new, old and new, as you do adventure in Andy’s room, pizza, and other prestigious locations in this fun and free match game.  With your fingertips story magic, you got a friend. Bright and exciting casual arcade game in the style of three in a row for Android, in which you will find many adventures, fun and all your favorite cult characters from childhood.

Buzz and Woody help overcome many obstacles on your way, solve challenging but interesting puzzles that will be a big test of your logical and intellectual abilities, as well as visit familiar places with the mythical cartoon.  Win, get a gift as a game set, open the charismatic heroes on your way, as well as in a new, unparalleled capability to be a great advantage.

High-quality graphics, classic and cute gameplay, exciting puzzles, simple controls, and an exciting story have been prepared for you.  In the world of Toy Story, this new, free-to-play, match-3 game comes to life.  Help Woody, Buzz and the favorite Disney Pixar’s Toy Story crosses the obstacles of matching life through hundreds of exciting puzzles.

How to claim your rewards

Sign up to make sure you’re one of the first people to download Toy Story Drop. To collect all the unlocked prizes, make sure to play the game between May 31 and June 20 and claim your rewards when prompted.

Features of Toy Story Drop Game

Immerse yourself in the thrills and antics of Tudi, Buj, Bo Pepe, Jesse, Rex, Hamm, Slinky Dog, Bullseye, Aliens, Serge, Leni and more.

Collect and set pieces to make Play Sets favorite characters, accessories, and unlock fully themed bonus levels.

Explore the heels, pizza planets and other favorite places from the Toy Story movies.

Match three or more colorful marbles on Boi, meet the level goals, avoid stuck toys, and obstacles to unlock new levels.

Creating effective combinations to get a more powerful game. Bouncy Pixar Balls, removes large groups, collide with rockets to clear the rocket, jack-in-the-box increases the punch through full lines on the board, and disco balls clean all the pieces of color.

Players can able to unlock special items for additional strategy and entertainment such as jump away with Alien’s utensils, shake things with Shaking at – A – Sketch, and swap together.

Download Toy Story Drop 1.0.3 APK for Android

Toy Story Drop 1.0.3 APK

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