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World`s most far places and how to get there

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World’s Most far places and how to get there.

Man has progressed a lot & world has turned into a global village. Travelling has been made so easy that you are just a click away from booking your tickets to the desired places. Man today, has started exploring even the other planets, let alone planet Earth. But still, there are certain places on Earth, which are far away from easy –to-go and are unexplored. World’s Most far places and how to get there, List of 5 such interesting and remote places and the details of what it takes to go there…

Supai, Arizona, USA

In the westernmost part of Grand Canyon, is located the remote village of Havasupai Indian tribe and it is open for tourists who reserve a campsite. Sounds simple, isn’t it? But no, not at all. To get there, it requires a 4-hour drive from great Canyon village to Havasupai village. Once you reach there, just put your trekking boots on and trek down to the camp which, the National Park Service recommends giving three days to finish. Horseback and helicopter are also among the options if you wish to make a good entrance.

Supai_1_newzvia_world most far places
Supai_1_newzvia_ world most far places

Oymyakon, Russia

This Russian town is considered as the coldest inhabited place on the earth. It is tucked in the remote corner of Siberia. The winter temperature averages around minus 58 degree Fahrenheit, cold enough to give you a frostbite. Not only does the temperature pose a challenge for the visitors, but also the feasibility to reach the place. One has to take a flight from Moscow to the town of Yakutsk or Magadan which are around 560 miles(900 kilometres) from Moscow. The weather is so cold that it is not possible to grow crops over there. Native people have to survive on reindeer meat, frozen fish and horseblood ice cubes for macaroni. Quite interesting, isn’t it??

oymyakon_newzvia_world most far places
oymyakon_newzvia_world most far places

Kerguelen Island, French Southern & Antarctic Lands

“Desolate islands” is the apt nickname for this group of islands. They are situated in the Indian ocean and are accessible by boat, that too only 4 days per year(being called as remote sounds so tiny for them isn’t it?). These islands are situated 2000 miles away from civilization on the southernmost part of Africa, and are covered by hostile mountains and glaciers. Nearly 45-100 researchers who reside there round the year, have to sustain around 300 days of rain, snow, sleet and strong wind.

kerguelen island_nezwvia_world most far places
kerguelen island_newzvia_world most far places

Motuo country, China

Located in the southern side of the Himalayas, Motuo country is the only place in whole of China where there are no roads leading in or out. It happens because of natural events like mudslides and avalanches which have thwarted the attempts to build the access lines into the area. Inspite of being a remote place, it is possible to visit Motuo but one has to be ready for literally anything. Those planning to visit the beautiful Motuo have to trek the giant and dangerous mountains of Himalayas and cross a 200 meter bridge. Quite interesting!!

MOuto Countyry _newzvia_world most far places
MOuto Countyry _newzvia_world most far places

Socotra Island, Yemen

The isolated islands of Socotra. Is an archipelago, located 211 miles off the coast of Yemen in the Indian Ocean. It is so isolated and remote, that one-third of it’s flora and fauna is not found anywhere else in the world. It was once a part of continent of Gondwana and had separated on it’s own millions of years ago. People who have visited the Socotra island, say it’s like visiting a different planet. This attribute of being unique makes it a must add-on to your travel list. But the accessibility poses a great challenge. The sea route is difficult due to two annual monsoons as well as presence of pirates. Air route can be accessed presently only through mainland Yemen and that’s not advisable due to the civil war going on in the country.

Socotra island_newzvia_world most far place
Socotra island_newzvia_world most far place

So, if you are looking for a thrill-filled adventurous outing, the above-listed places can serve as the “must-haves” in the list. The places are not only beautiful but the thrill in reaching and exploring them is second to none. So pack your backpacks and gear up for the fun-filled and exciting adventure as it is very well said,”It’s better to SEE something once than to HEAR about it a thousand times”. Bon Voyage!!!

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